Your Order

Emails Received About Your Order

After an order has been placed, the customer will receive email updates about their order status. In order to make sure to continue to receive our emails please add our email address to the SPAM exceptions list or email address book (refer to email program to manage incoming emails). Keep these emails accessible for record. Below are examples of emails that might be received:

  • Order Confirmation - This email confirms that we have received your order.
  • Shipment Confirmation - This email confirms that some or all of the order has shipped. You may receive multiple Shipment Confirmation emails, if items are shipped separately.
  • Important notice about order - This email offers important information about your order, such as: difficulty in processing your order, inability to ship to the address provided, and cancellation of order. If you receive one of these emails, please contact a Sales Support Representative immediately at 800-999-0146 so the problem may be addressed.

Order Status

The status of open orders may be checked by visiting our Order Status page.  When you click on Order Status, the page will provide you with detailed information about current and past orders.

Standard Status Messages

Pending: Your order has been submitted; items are available and have been located in our warehouse.

Shipped on MM/DD/YYYY: The items have shipped from our warehouse and are on their way to the designated shipping destination.

Tracking Your Order

Order tracking numbers are assigned at the time of shipment by our warehouse and appear on our website along with the order information. However, it may take up to 48 hours before the package is checked into the couriers order tracking system.

Tracking availability may vary depending on the volume of items purchased, the shipping method selected during checkout, and the courier that was selected.

Some couriers may not have the ability to provide tracking details. In these rare instances, order history will not provide order tracking information, but will still offer order status and other details.


Orders or parts of an order may be cancelled by our system for various reasons. Possible reasons include:

  • Unavailable item(s)
  • Difficulty in processing your payment information
  • Inability to ship to address provided

You will not be billed for any cancelled items.

Customer Requested Cancellations

After you have clicked "Process Order", you cannot cancel or change an order. Please contact or email Sales Support at to further assist.


  • When you add an item to your cart, it will remain there until they are purchased or removed.
  • Review your order: Review the details of your order before you proceed to our checkout.
  • Update order quantity: If you wish to update the order quantity of any item in your bag, simply type the desired quantity next to the item and click "Update Cart".
  • Remove an item from your cart: Select “REMOVE”  under the quantity box.
  • Checkout: When you are ready to purchase your order, click "Checkout".

  • bill you directly for the shipping charges.  In all other cases, we will estimate shipping charges at checkout and bill you the actual amount of such